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The Gasket Innovations Story

Modern Technology Applied to Vintage Gaskets

Gasket Innovations was developed from our love of racing vintage cars and the real need for a more effective and more permanent type of valve cover gasket.

We use a proprietary silicone formulation in precision molds to make premium quality consistent gaskets unavailable anywhere else.

If you are looking for a permanent valve cover gasket solution, give us a try. We know that you will be satisfied with the prestine appearance of your engine compartment.

Thanks reviewing our products, we look forward to serving you soon.


Gasket Innovations

Our mission

To achieve “The Perfect Seal” in our molded Silicone Gaskets. We produce these premium silicone gaskets using modern measuring equipment (CMM) and CAD programs. The Proprietary Formulation of our silicone yields the best Shore Durometer for the application. The result is a permanent gasket that provides a total oil control with modern oils. The gasket has the feature of being able to be removed and reinstalled multiple times without being replaced. A thin coat of RTV on one side of the gasket to fixture the gasket is all that is required..once.

Cork and paper gaskets are cheaper, but labor intensive and not equal to the challenge of containing modern synthetic oils.

Our Team

The Gasket Innovations Team

We are a family operation with three generations working to provide the best products for your classic car, whether it be a race car or street car.

Our Motorsports Heritage

Spanning over 50 years we have history of active involvement in autocross, rallies, and road racing Sports Cars. Ownership in sports cars has included British, German, Japanese, and Swedish cars. Our present sports car ownership includes:

1958 Triumph TR3, Street

1960 Ambro-Triumph Special, Race and Street

1962 Triumph TR4, Race

2004 Mazda MX5, Street

Affiliated Organizations

British Motor Trade Association Member

Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association Members

Vintage Triumph Register, Road Racing Consultant

Friends of Triumph, Founding Member

The Kastner Cup Series, C0-Founder w/ Kas Kastner

British Sports Car Hall of Fame, Inductee Class of 2018

Our Distributors

Over 95% of our sales worldwide, are through large distributors. We recommend these distributors for best price, service,  and delivery in your area.

Moss Motors. 

North America,
United Kingdom, France.    mossmotors.com

The Roadster Factory.

North America.   

British Parts North West.

North America. 

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies

North America

Victoria British

North America.  victorabritish.com

Rimmer Bros.

United Kingdom,
North America.


United Kingdom

Limora Old Timer