Installation Instructions

Your new premium Gasket Innovations silicone valve cover gaskets by A.R.E. should be bonded to the valve cover for best performance. The bonding process will ensure proper “positioning” of the gasket when installing the valve cover.  Gasket Innovations silicone gaskets are designed for repeated removal and installation of valve cover for routine maintenance of the valve train.


Bonding Gasket to Valve Cover  

1)     Clean bonding/sealing surfaces on the valve cover that will mate with the gasket.

2)     Bond gasket to valve cover by applying a bead of automotive RTV Hi-Temp silicone gasket maker to the valve cover and position gasket.

a.     Permatex® and Loctite® offer several Hi-Temp RTV silicon gasket making products.

b.    Tape can be used to hold the silicon premium gasket in position while the RTV silicon gasket making material cures/dries.

c.     Place valve cover face down on a flat surface during the curing process.

3)     For cure times follow the instructions on the RTV silicon gasket maker product you are using.


Note: OEM/Stock valve cover gaskets are semi-circular in cross-section. The round side of the gasket is mated to the valve cover. The flat side mates to the head sealing surface.

Note:  Aftermarket Alloy valve covers are rectangular and can be applied in either direction. 



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